Q: How do I schedule a pet visit?

A: You can text or call 845-443-0883 or email tessa@muttandmolly.com.  Please schedule timely, preferably at least 36 hours prior to the visit. The first visit is a complimentary visit so that I can come by, meet you and your pets and get the lay of the land.

Q: Once I have scheduled a visit, will you send me a confirmation as the visit date nears?

A: Yes, I will send you an email or text no later than noon the day prior to a visit to confirm.  I add the caveat that I generally do not confirm visits that have been scheduled within 24 hours or fewer of the actual visit.

Q: What type of visits do you offer?

A: I offer in-home pet sitting, dog walking and fowl care.  I apologize, but I do not offer overnight visits.

Q: What are your service days?

A: For dog visits, I do visits Monday-Friday. If you are a regular weekly client, I will also do weekend visits. For cat and fowl/farm visits, I do visits Monday-Friday and weekends depending on availability.

Q: I have very specific routines with my pets. Can I ask you to follow them during your visits?

A: Definitely.  During our initial visit, we’ll discuss your pet’s needs so that we can map out my visits accordingly.

Q: What area do you cover?

A: I am based in Stone Ridge and cover roughly a 10 mile radius from the center of town.  There may be a mileage surcharge for services provided outside the coverage area.

Q: Do you charge more for holiday visits?

A: I do, for some major holidays.  Please contact me to request rates.

Q: If I need to cancel, how much notice do you need?

A: Cancellations should be made within 36 hours of the visit. Cancellations that are infrequent or for a good reason such as a snowstorm, illness, etc. with shorter notice are fine. Otherwise, you will be required to pay the full cost of the visit.

Q: Are you insured and bonded? 

A: Yes. I have pet sitting insurance and am bonded.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: I accept cash, check and payments via PayPal.

Q: My dog isn’t a ‘dog park’ sort of a dog.  I worry about leaving him with someone who doesn’t get that. Are you able to care for him given his personality?

A: Yes. Each dog has its own temperament and needs and I’ll meet your dog where he is.

Q: Do you take dogs with dog or people aggression issues?

A: Because I will always walk your dog on leash (unless you have convinced me beyond a shadow of doubt that a leash is not necessary), I have no issue taking dogs with dog aggression issues. I simply will avoid putting your dog in a risky situation.  But unfortunately, I do not take dogs who have exhibited aggression toward people.  I offer the caveat that I’m ok with aggressive little dogs that are the size of a mini watermelon or smaller.

Q: I’m going out-of-town and also need someone to pick-up the mail, water the plants, check in on my house. Can you help with those items too?

A: Most certainly.

Q: I like to know that my pets are doing well when I’m not around. Can I ask you to text me and/or send photos during or after your visits to let me know all is well? Can I check in with you just to see how it’s going?

A: Of course!